Horizon Hill Heights

Horizon Hill Heights is a luxury midrise residential apartment building planned for DHA Phase 1 Rwp-Isl.
The project is conceived as 2 monolithic blocks housing 150 apartment units with shared amenities on ground and first floor and individual cores for the apartment levels with horizon to horizon views of the DHA ravine and beyond.
Spacious apartments have been designed as an aternative to the current market allocated square footage trends. They are designed for immediate occupancy rather than investment opportunities to create a thriving residential community complete with amenities such as gym, spa, ample parking, restaurant and a mart.
The splitting of the mass into 2 towers creates unique viewing opportunities with private decks and balconies overlooking the masterplan and beyond.
The interstitial space between the towers creates intimate landscape opportunities for the amenity floors below and balconies above.

Naval Farms Residence

A family home in the style of of minimal modern-vernacular architecture. A natural material palette complimenting white and grey hues that brings forth a grounded yet bold dynamic form of architecture.
The spaces are designed with the sensitivity of existing landscape and views with fenestrations and terraces opening up to the panoramic view of Margalla Hills and towards the creatively designed landscape within the site. The resulting form is derived from a spatial journey that curates the daily activity of its dwellers.

Dr. M Farmhouse, Gulberg Greens

This residence demonstrates the relationship between volumes built around private courtyards and open spaces across the property. Using visual and tactile connections to create a sense of through and through accessibility, as well as curated fenestrations for light and landscape views.

Peshawer Residence

The Interior for the residence in Peshawer featuring 8 bedrooms was done in a contemporary manner to open up the spaces and create a light, breathable interior.  All the spaces are unified by natural elements like wooden feature walls, wooden flooring, indoor plants and ceramics, yet each space is made distinct through pops of accent, and soothing colors.

The Artists Sanctuary-Residence

1-kanal family residence designed for 3 artists. The focus of the design was the art studio as a sanctuary for the artists. The layout of the house is strategically designed to ensure that the northern light necessary for painting pours into the art studio and the living spaces are meant to inspire, with verandahs and terraces to bring the outdoors inside

Satellite Town Residence

A single-family unit house in Satellite Town, demonstrating the textures and warmth of brick, stone and wood. The humble and simple geometry ensures a balance with the natural context to create a welcoming home with the simple play of light through the light-well and clerestory windows.

Residence in D-12 Islamabad

No.14 at D-12 Islamabad

1 Kanal (50′ x 90′) plot designed as one unit with three levels.

Treating the courtyard as a place to celebrate the adjoining spaces of the house. The courtyard is private, well lit and is green which translates the idea inside-out into the architecture of this house.

B-17 Residence

A 1-kanal residence in B-17 that blurs the boundaries of indoors and outdoors. The private spaces and public spaces are all visually or physically connected through a central courtyard. The Master bedroom located on the first floor is connected to a terrace that overlooks the garden, with a mezzanine that opens onto the rooftop.

S House

A minimal design approach was taken to resolve this 1000 square yard farm house, situated in Gulberg greens. The program required a dual tenancy but equal distribution of resources. Dual tenancy usually translates as a duplex so the challenge here was to design a homogenous form with two different clients and purposes.

The resulting form was the marriage of landscape and hardscape giving birth to a minimal design that reciprocated its environment. The spaces locate themselves naturally around a central void penetrating the mass and becoming a garden upon reaching basement level. Stone and brass insets were used to accent the simple rectangular volumes.

Asif Residence – Shah Allah Ditta

Asif Villa provided a rare opportunity that enabled the design intelligence team to combine the elements of a mountain get away with a permanent  residence, equipped with all the facilities required in a family house. Our proposal of the unique villa takes its form from the environment. The architecture of the villa is derived from the contours of the terrain, achieving relevance to the context. This opens up the vistas of the mountain beyond and the village below. The pool is tucked away surrounded by a courtyard giving the opportunity of views to the built area. Asif villa has a covered area of 10,442.9 sq.ft spread over a 3 kanal lot.

Tatar Villa- Mansehra

Tatar Villa is a private residence occupying 1 kanal covered area over a lot spread over 14 kanals. Tatar is a scenic village located in north-west of Mansehra Distt.

The south west façade opens up to the valley and the Himalayas beyond. The idea is to introduce light and sun through the large fenestrations to warm up the chilly indoors. The lawn has been left in its original slope towards the valley side.

A double height atrium designed in the middle provides an opportunity for indoor plants to thrive around a covered courtyard that provides views to family areas.



Zintara Residences Unit A – Peshawar

Zintara Residence is a residential Master plan constituting of 185 houses with associate amenities and infrastructure in a gated compound situated on the Northern Bypass of ring road, Peshawar. Unit A is a 10 marla, 5 bedroom single family detached unit. The design challenge was to include a private lawn and private terraces in a 2800 sq-ft lot including a covered car porch. Basement level has been incorporated with light wells  to guarantee natural light levels on the sub-subterranean level.

Zintara Residence Unit B – Peshawar

Zintara phase 1 is a million square feet of residential development opportunity offering 185 houses and a range of community facilities for its prospective residents. The develpoment is located on the northern bypass of the ring road in Peshawar. We perceive Zintara residences development initiative as a game changer in local development market trends.

The indigenous house was a space in between. It was a transient between time and space. These houses were sensitive to their surroundings, the vernacular and the climate. They sympathized with natural parameters and accommodated themselves accordingly. This not only rendered livings befitting to the climate but also induced a particular sense of space, the regional or the traditional. The HOUSE, in retrospect, investigates the nature of regionalism why translating in the language of critical regionalism. It boasts of open spaces that are intermittently sown by the spaces in between; traditional spaces like the verandah and the aangan. These two types are instrumental in attending to the hot and humid climate of the region while also addressing to the anthropological and social sensitivities. The HOUSE combines three floors that are connected through open corridors and scattered stairs. They provide pockets of shade from the summer swelter and intimate envelopes for user interaction. It looks back in time to re-invent the HOUSE of the past while keeping true to its time.


Q Residence – Islamabad

The client for this project expressed a keen interest in capitalizing on the views of the Margalla hills facing the north. The program inevitably led us to orient the public spaces facing the hills on the north. We spatially oriented large fenestration to recreational spaces on the north, hence reducing the use of artificial light during daylight hours. Cooling loads have been sufficiently reduced by blocking heat gain through the south facade through the use of overhangs and double layered insulation walls.

AKA has been engaged in a Design & Build Capacity for this project.

Residence in Islamabad

This project is designed for three users and their families. The users define the parameters and the typology of the spaces and their programs. These multifaceted programs generate a 3-fold spatial typology which optimizes site usage for “working” and “living”. The plot is split vertically instead of going for the conventional horizontal unit division. This gives both the units an equally distributed exposure to the views making them both diverse in terms of experience. This categorization can be simplified in the following divisions. Rental – Business – Living.

AKA is involved in a Design & Build capacity for this PKR 30 M project.