Our core values lie at the heart of what we do as part of our practice management. It defines our way of work and constitutes the guiding principles of our approach and outcomes towards architectural solutions in general and the building construction industry in specific.

Working closely with all project stakeholders increases conduciveness of communication and productivity. Our collaborations and partnerships extend beyond the studio. We respect the shared pool of knowledge that our team of designers, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers and vendors bring to the practice. It increases our knowledge footprint and encourages team work on a multi disciplinary level.
Our pre contract services determine facts beyond client brief and budget. These fact along with client inputs drive our design approach towards complex projects. The reason why our design solutions are unique and vary project wise is a combination of custom made pre contract services and site derivatives that drive our design.
At AKA, we believe in improving our environmental footprint rather than reducing it. We use a combination of regionally rooted sustainable initiatives and international green building practice guidelines. Our in-house LEED accredited professional is qualified to register your project with the US Green Building Council for accreditation and a green rating.
No project design is complete without going through rigorous reviews of building standards and client customization. Our R&D team is always on the lookout for innovation in architectural solutions. We apply a 3-point review strategy where every design is tested by inhouse designers, industry professionals and project leaders before presenting to the client.
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