Zintara Residence Unit B – Peshawar

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Zintara phase 1 is a million square feet of residential development opportunity offering 185 houses and a range of community facilities for its prospective residents. The develpoment is located on the northern bypass of the ring road in Peshawar. We perceive Zintara residences development initiative as a game changer in local development market trends. The indigenous house was a space in between. It was a transient between time and space. These houses were sensitive to their surroundings, the vernacular and the climate. They sympathized with natural parameters and accommodated themselves accordingly. This not only rendered livings befitting to the climate but also induced a particular sense of space, the regional or the traditional. The HOUSE, in retrospect, investigates the nature of regionalism why translating in the language of critical regionalism. It boasts of open spaces that are intermittently sown by the spaces in between; traditional spaces like the verandah and the aangan. These two types are instrumental in attending to the hot and humid climate of the region while also addressing to the anthropological and social sensitivities. The HOUSE combines three floors that are connected through open corridors and scattered stairs. They provide pockets of shade from the summer swelter and intimate envelopes for user interaction. It looks back in time to re-invent the HOUSE of the past while keeping true to its time.  

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