The Bakery Cafe

The Bakery Cafe has moved to a new and custom designed space on main Nowshera Road, Mardan. Mardan’s favorite cafe features a roof top live barbeque with seating for 50 people. A restaurant on the 1st floor features a live custom kitchen and the bakery on the ground floor.



Mian Jee Restaurant – Lalamusa

The scope of the design was to create a lively rooftop dining experience for families. The plants, lighting and color create a welcoming atmosphere so people may enjoy Pakistan’s favorite street-food Daal with a view.

F Living

F Living is an exclusive apartment building F-11 Markaz, Islamabad with state of the art amenities designed according to international standards.
The project was envisioned by AKA for one of the top real estate companies in town. The hypothesis provided is ‘upscale living’ combined with health and fitness activities for the modern family. The project also consists of one of a kind ‘Sky social’, a multipurpose floor suspended on the third level with views of the neighboring compound as well as inward views. The floor offers social opportunities for young couples who wish to rent spaces for holding events.
Salient features include:
– Spa/Sauna
– Swimming pool
– gym
– business center
– multipurpose hall
-18 dwellings

The Elite Club & Hotel – Gujrat

The Gujrat Elite Club is a boutique hotel and club proposed to be built on the bypass road, approximately a 10 minute drive from Gujrat Central.

The project aims to resolve multiple programs within the project site. Client initiative is mainly driven by 3 ambitions:

  1. To provide cutting edge recreation and dining facilities to the residents of Gujrat and visiting business professionals.
  2. To generate revenue for the investors by providing grade 1 amenities and resources. To be number 1 in the services deptt in a tier 2 city like Gujrat will create an automatic demand due to the scarcity of such establishments vis a vis its requirement potential.
  3. The client has a thriving restaurant brand in city central with 3 branches. The overwhelming demand for product has created the requirement for a master kitchen from which the outlets will be served. The site will have the capacity to service 3 outlets in the city and 3 eateries on site.

Given the flat landscape of most of central and southern Punjab, our vision for the project is to create a localized landscape for views into the site to create an inner atmosphere of well being. Inward views and situational experiences by the users have been enhanced by creating varied landscaped levels. Micro climate is controlled by introducing water pool and foliage in direct line of prevalent winds to cool them off before hitting the façade.

The resulting form is a modern cascading façade with public spaces stacked along podium and grade level whilst hospitality and allied facilities on the upper levels.

‘The Wave’ Residential Apartment Complex – Islamabad

The driving force behind the design of this residential complex is the belief that form and function should be one. The functional requirements of this developer run project have been joined in a spiritual union with the form of the building.

Each apartment features periphery balconies that take the form of a wave. These waves encompass the spread of the building, giving shade on the lower levels and provide open verandahs on the floor level.

The project features landscaped floors on the courtyard level and the roof level. Key features of the project include: 25x 2 bed apartments, 25x 3 bed apartments, 2x penthouse suites, private pool on the roof level, outdoor landscape and barbecue zones, mosque, administration offices and a covered parking capacity of 90 vehicles.

Resort 31 – Islamabad

The resort is an extension of an existing farmhouse. The proposed site is an abandoned poultry farm. The design illustrates AKA’s vision for the revival of the site from its present state to a hospitality projects with independent suites where family friends can relax, unwind and rejuvenate. The design incorporates a vehicular access leading upto a combined resort and office foyer. Pedestrian accesses are provided in all directions. Positive and negative situations are created to provide vantage meeting points and enhance interaction.

Tarlai Resort – Islamabad

A farm house extension project with a 60′ swimming pool, 3 suites with associated services, barbecue pit, gym,sauna and roof garden.The resort can be accessed through the main residence or independently. Views of orange orchard and swimming pool below can be enjoyed from the suites above.
We perceive this option as the ultimate in relaxation where views can be enjoyed and the interactive journey around the pool can be celebrated from a controlled indoor climate if the outdoor temperature becomes extreme.
This bean shaped infinity pool becomes a part of the main lawn and creates vistas from the living areas. The deck area has become more playful and the suites get a little extra- their own private deck.
There are more vertical connections in this option that exhibit industrial looking aluminium, steel and structural glass stairs and bridge.
A little adventure goes a long way!