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The Gujrat Elite Club is a boutique hotel and club proposed to be built on the bypass road, approximately a 10 minute drive from Gujrat Central. The project aims to resolve multiple programs within the project site. Client initiative is mainly driven by 3 ambitions:

  1. To provide cutting edge recreation and dining facilities to the residents of Gujrat and visiting business professionals.
  2. To generate revenue for the investors by providing grade 1 amenities and resources. To be number 1 in the services deptt in a tier 2 city like Gujrat will create an automatic demand due to the scarcity of such establishments vis a vis its requirement potential.
  3. The client has a thriving restaurant brand in city central with 3 branches. The overwhelming demand for product has created the requirement for a master kitchen from which the outlets will be served. The site will have the capacity to service 3 outlets in the city and 3 eateries on site.
Given the flat landscape of most of central and southern Punjab, our vision for the project is to create a localized landscape for views into the site to create an inner atmosphere of well being. Inward views and situational experiences by the users have been enhanced by creating varied landscaped levels. Micro climate is controlled by introducing water pool and foliage in direct line of prevalent winds to cool them off before hitting the façade. The resulting form is a modern cascading façade with public spaces stacked along podium and grade level whilst hospitality and allied facilities on the upper levels.

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