Jamia Mosque

The site for the project is a 33 kanal parcel of land in the upcoming Phase III of DHA Islamabad as an amenity plot fulfilling the requirement of up to 5000 worshippers for daily, Eid, Jumma and funeral prayers.

The Jamia Masjid takes inspiration from the bounties of nature found our daily surroundings and is based on the garden of eternal bliss.

This perceived environment aims at inner peace and contentment found within spiritual and biophilic environments. Primary elements to instill this environment are water, fig trees, grape vines and olive trees that are planted within the built environment. The distance between the public realm and the spiritual space has been exaggerated by creating extended shaded walkways between them. An attempt has been made to weave nature within the built space to invoke the feelings of a spiritual realm. The Jamia embraces minimalistic yet innovative approach of design by using only the spaces required; not more, nor less. The Jamia masjid encourages educational and community involvement by creating multipurpose spaces such as isolated halls of different sizes and courtyards.

Zintara Mosque – Peshawar

Zintara mosque was part of the required amenity within the Zintara Masterplan precincts in Peshawar. The project was required to be able to accommodate 450 worshippers and cater to their ablutionary requirements. The mosque also has the provision of accomodating delegations overnight. The mosque has been essentially derived from the sacred cube. By disintegrating a larger cube into 4’x4′ modules, the form of the mosque is created into being. Displaced cubes form the courtyard