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Nestled between the undulating terrain of Potohar region adjacent to the Islamabad expressway, the site features 116 kanals of untouched land to be developed as the new campus of MYU. The current program is the main engineering building and master planning of the site.

Presently the university is operating out of a commercial rented property in central Islamabad. The vision of the university is based on long term service to the education sector along with ensuring equitable quality education that allows the growth of leading research. This made their move to self owned large piece of land inevitable.

The main building is based on climate responsive architecture and fulfills the requirement of various engineering departments. The form puts emphasis on fluidity and dynamism by reacting to the natural site context on contoured terrain of the Potohar region.

All corridors are naturally ventilated to reduce cooling loads while taking advantage of the prevailing winds. Slab edges are sheltered from heat gain by introducing concrete shading devices that help achieve thermal comfort in the habitable spaces.

The building provides state-of-the art venue for the many activities- it has 13 classrooms, 2 lecture theaters, 18 labs to fulfill the requirements of structural, mechanical and computer science departments 20,000 square feet area dedicated for faculty wing and a roof top communal space with amphitheater.

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