Kabul Condominium

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Site area: 797 sqm Retail: 1,151 sqm Prime office spaces: 1,075 sqm Bespoke residential one, two and three bed apartments: 4,520  sqm The project is  designed to have a distinct rhythmic facade and a gently curving form, emphasizing the complex volumetric movement and at the same time allowing to give each space a unique character and create an opportunity for vertical farming. The transparent retail system concentrates and invites social activity, engaging with the ground plane on multiple levels. Contrary to the retail, apartments are designed to be introvert in nature. Curving volumes gives each apartment a unique character and panoramic views of the city. These gently curving volumes can be easily adapted to individual needs and also allow for the freedom to enjoy both interior and exterior spaces of the home in utmost privacy.  Offices are designed to optimize work place efficiency by giving consideration to work flows, lighting and thermal comfort.

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