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AKA was successfully selected through a limited design competition as the lead consultant for design and contract administration for the Embassy. The development comprises of a chancery, ambassador’s residence, recreational area and staff accommodation. Based on the cascading Banaue rice terraces, the chancery roof mirrors the eighth wonder of the world making the context relevant to the land. The Chancery is a 2 level office building designed to fulfill the functions of consular, diplomatic relations, trade commissioner, attaches, admin and the ambassadorial secretariat. The building is equipped with its own cafeteria and underground parking facilities. The entrance provides an overwhelming facade that hides the amenities courtyard from plain view and casts cool shadows on the recreational courtyard. The chancery maintains optimum orientation inside. The north facing curtain wall lets in ample daylight and provides views. the double height atrium has a magnificent skylight that runs along the emergency exits to orient users in an an emergency situation. The building complies with the most stringent of fire, life and safety regulations and also fulfill 60% of the site's irrigation requirement by harvesting storm water. The Ambassador's residence is designed to act as a perfect getaway despite its proximity to the office. It offers a contemporary living lifestyle split on 2 levels. The ground floor is a formal living space to entertain guests or retire to the study. The upper level is designed to serve as a family unit. An open plan in its entertainment areas, the spaces enjoy views of the pool, the bar and the landscaping spine.  

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