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People have an innate affinity towards nature. The desire to be within the proximity of natural landscapes has been extremely well documented and proven to play a positive role especially for people with special needs. The aim of the architect’s brief is to amplify the positive effects of proximity to the natural environment. To utilize it as a design tool with an emphasis on sensory experiences to make children with learning disabilities feel accepted and included whilst improving the learning experience. Being surrounded by nature also supports cognitive function, physical health and mental and emotional well-being which helps create an environment that is conducive to learning. The design for the school focuses on the quality of multi-sensory experience and ease of journey for users between the indoor and outdoor spaces to invoke a sense of inclusivity, empathy and understanding. The project features a ramp that acts as an architectural feature providing access to all levels. The connectivity achieved through the ramp embodies inclusivity and freedom. Natural elements are woven in and around the spaces through visually and physically accessible gardens and terraces. These green voids bring in natural light and ventilation, and curate experiences that evoke sensory playfulness and exploration.

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