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Miranshah is a town and administrative headquarters of the North Waziristan Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. The town lies on the banks of the Tochi River in a wide valley surrounded by the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains. It is situated approximately 17 km from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at an elevation of approximately 3,050 ft. The nearest town in Pakistan is Bannu and the nearest border town across the border in Afghanistan is Ghulam Ali. Miranshah was named after the Timurid ruler, Miranshah, the son of Timur. Since mid 1900’s, Miranshah has been part of a continuous battle between Pak Army and rebellious militants. Due to its close proximity to Afghanistan border, it has attracted many foreign agents as well as militants by being a good hideout for them. With the onslaught of operation Zarb-e-Azab in North Waziristan, civilians had to be evacuated to nearby camps to avoid causalities. One year or after successful surgical strikes and ground operation, North Waziristan is now free of exterior elements and striving to gain restoration. The immediate concern for LEA & the political administration currently is the repatriation of IDPs that have shifted elsewhere to avoid the eye of the storm. To facilitate the repatriation process, 475 Engineers Division, Pak Army together with FATA Directorate of Projects has planned infrastructure development for the twin towns of Mir Ali & Miranshah. This Concept design report illustrates the architecture of type B Hospital, Ladies Section within the precincts of Agency Headquarters Hospital, Miranshah. The design is primarily driven by textures giving identity to way finding techniques. It adheres to the cultural as well as functional requirement of the project. The site, situated in rural administered area is a strictly male dominated area, whereby the medical care facilities are also carried out by female workforce of the society. Catering to this fact, type B Hospital, Ladies Section of AHQ hospital, Miranshah is designed with the provision of following requirements: • Out Patient Department • In Patient Department • Gynae Ward • Surgical Ward • Medical Ward • Post Mortem Lab • EPI Center • Residences

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