AK Architects was set up in 2002. The core goal of the company at the time was to build weather-resistant and reliable multi-purpose constructions.

Foundation of the company.

Over three decades ago, Peter Anderson founded a company whose main values were integrity, commitment and collaboration.

AK Architects introducing green building solutions

Back in 2008, we have reached perfection in designing ecological buildings that almost didn’t affect the environment.

Our company starts cooperating with foreign firms

AK Architects continued to grow and expand, and offered overseas customers better conditions for cooperation in order to promote its services abroad.

A 15-year-old company completed a giant project

AK Architects celebrates its 15th anniversary right after the completion of its most complex project – California Entertainment Center.


At AK Architects, you can experience a variety of high-quality design and project services provided by skilled professionals.

Arranging additional living space

If you need more room for your family or have long been dreaming of loft or garage conversion, we can help you with that.

Advice on Design and Planning

We have plenty of ideas and options that can help you make best use of the available space.

Planning Consent

You should know that planning permission can be very complex, and therefore a good planning advice may help you obtain a valuable planning permission.

Permitted Development Rights

Property development requires either planning permission or permitted development rights.

Converting Lofts

Few people know that appropriate loft conversion is able to provide up to 1/3 more floor space in the house without using up any existing indoor or garden space.

CAD Building Plans

A design of your project needs to be embodied in the building plan, which is the way a designer presents their work to the customer, builders and authorities.

Meet The Team People behind our success

Shaiming Tang
Robert Collette
Yolanda Turner
Pamela Francois